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A Unique Club For Whisky Lovers

The Secret Whisky Club is a whisky subscription club like no other.

Each month, members receive a secret, unlabelled sample of a world-class whisky through their postbox. Using only their senses (as no clues can be gathered from the packaging or price) they must guess the correct tasting notes from a selection of possible drams. By focusing carefully on each whisky's nose, palate and finish they can then decipher the mystery of the month's whisky before entering their guess in a secret online poll.

The results are shared on our lively club page and members who guessed correctly are celebrated, while overall scores are recorded on the Secret Whisky Club leaderboard, where the pride of place is a hotly contested honour!

The club was founded by the same people behind The Malt Room, an acclaimed whisky bar in Inverness, as a way of further sharing our passion and love for whisky.


A Vibrant Community

We have a lively private group page where members share whisky experiences, tasting notes, drinking tips and the latest whisky news, as well as basking in the kudos that comes with being at the top of our guessing leaderboard.

Our members come from all walks of life and have varying degrees of whisky knowledge - from absolute beginners who have just discovered their love of 'the water of life' to bona fide experts who want to improve their ability to identify key notes. What brings them all together is a shared passion and enjoyment.

On behalf of the people of North East Hampshire, Ethelred the Unready, Jean-Luc Picard, the maidens of the valley, the Lost Tribe of the Amazon and a member of the Royal Family who wishes to remain anonymous, may I take this opportunity to thank you for creating this delightful way of enjoying my one vice?
— MR SEAN H. (2017 MEMBER)

Exquisite Whiskies

Here at The Secret Whisky Club we are passionate about finding and sharing great whiskies for our members to appreciate. Our roster for 2017 included samples of Glenfarclas 25, Redbreast 21, Glenmorangie Astar and Bacalta, Bowmore 9 Sherry Cask, Tomintoul 15 Port Finish, Hakushu Distillers Reserve, Yamazaki 12, Glenlivet 18, Talisker 18 and more yet to be released!

The club is a great way to try new whiskies and discover your preferred flavours and aromas free from the preconceptions of branding or pricing. 

Selection of Whiskies 2017

To ensure our members are able to experience the highest quality and variety of whiskies, the average retail price of each bottle is at least £80 throughout the year, although there will be variation from month-to-month.

From novices to connoisseurs, the Secret Whisky Club brings whisky lovers together, I love the community, the discussions and the light hearted competition - the anticipation of waiting for the results is lots of fun! If you have any interest in whisky, you’ll love the Secret Whisky Club.
— Mrs Melanie B (Member Since Jan 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions


How exactly does the club work?

Every active member is sent their sample of whisky in an unmarked pouch near to the beginning of the month and is also sent a link with the tasting notes of 4 unidentified whiskies (A,B,C and D). Using all of their senses, members should compare the aromas, flavours and finishes before matching their experience to one of the 4 tasting notes. Members will have about 2 weeks in order to submit their guesses. Points are allocated to members for participating and also for the accuracy of their guesses.

Do I have to be in to receive my whisky?

No, we package our samples in specially designed pouches that will come through your letterbox.

How long has the club been running?

The club was founded at the beginning of 2017, with the first samples going out in January. Following the fantastic feedback from our members, we decided to roll out the club to the general public and launched the website in December, to support new members  joining as of January 2018.

What whiskies will I receive?

Each month's whisky is chosen carefully so that our members get to sample a variety of styles, flavours and cask finishes. The Club guarantees that on average each bottle will have a retail value of at least £80 over the course of the calendar year. You can see the list of whiskies sent to date here.

Who runs The Secret Whisky Club?

The club is run by the founders of The Malt Room, a speciality whisky bar in Inverness

Why do I have to have a Facebook account?

You don't strictly need a Facebook account, although our members' page is hosted there. Facebook is a very effective platform for sharing posts, pictures, news and video - just the thing our members like to post.

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

Everyone who signs up to TSWC will receive an email with a link inviting them to the private club page, and you can sign up without needing to providing Facebook with your real name if so desired. If you don't want to sign up to Facebook, you will still receive the tasting notes and receive the link to participate in the monthly guessing poll.