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The Secret Whisky Club


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A Unique Club 

From the people behind The Malt Room, an acclaimed whisky bar in the Highlands of Scotland, The Secret Whisky Club enables its members to develop and refine their appreciation of whisky in a fun and social way.


1) SelectiNG

Each month we carefully select a premium whisky that will give our members a new tasting experience.

Whisky Selection

2) Packing & Posting

We send our special secret whisky pouches together with a set of four possible tasting notes through your postbox.

Whisky Packing and Posting

3) Tasting

Our members blind taste the whisky, using their senses to try and identify which of the tasting notes is correct.

Whisky Sampling

4) Guessing & SHARING

Members submit their guesses and points are allocated to members via our members' page and leaderboard.